Saturday, 1 December 2018

Call this a Blog?

More a collection of pictures.

Here we go again, another year behind us and another knees up of the Wine Club.

Rather than the usual run down of what we have tasted more a collection of snaps of a few of the members enjoying themselves.

But maybe just a word about the wines.

We had four wines, three good ones it might be added. But the forth, well to be kind this was not a great wine.  For readers outside of the UK this needs to interpreted, what that means is that the wine was terrible.

First the goodies, members will be aware of the trip made by members to visit the Champagne region in the Summer, photographs were shown and the  Champagne was enjoyed.  All the comments were positive, but this was no surprise, lovely wines that we can drive to in a day.

Talk was made of the possible visit in the coming year to the vineyards of the Loire, more info on this to follow.

The foods were great, it is a surprise, not that the food is good but that we have such a mix.  No lists are compiled of what is needed. and yet we have great and mixed selection of good food to have with our good wines.  Many thanks to all involved in its making.

For the rest of the meal we had a choice of a Chilean red produced in massive quantity and sold everywhere often with big discounts.  Yes its the old favourite, Casillero del Diablo. Seldom disappoints and always highly recommend.  But did you know that the company produce over 22,000,000 bottle each years. Amazing.

 The white was a French Viognier, a real cracker:

 Can I hear asking though, what of the dog? Yes we had a poor wine, but what was it? Well it was a surprise as this was from he same store that supplied the French Viogner, yes Waitrose, their Chilean, box of white wine was thought to be very poor indeed.

 'nuff said!

As one of the highlight of the social calendar in the village it seems only right to add few shots of us all enjoying ourselves:

Our, joint, MC for the night, great job done!

and the foods eaten, what sort of a photograph is that!

Have a great Christmas and see you next year.

Bruce H