Saturday, 31 July 2021

 At Last!!!!

The Freeland Wine Club,  is able to meet again and we are not talking Zoom here but meet and be with others sharing the love of wine and the enjoyment of each other's company. 

Our last face to face meeting seems an age ago, back in the time that will be called Pre-Pandemic.   January 2020.  As the say, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and water was not on our minds last night at the  meeting.  That said water had been a big part of the day, you see we were aiming to  ease into the meetings by having a group picnic, all bring foods, chairs, blankets, for those reading this outside the UK need to know that the Brits generally picnic very close to, well actually, on the ground, normally on a blanket.  You can buy picnic blankets, made just for that purpose. In any event the weather this week has been rain or about to rain, so not good for alfresco food. On Friday it rained most of the morning  and into the afternoon but by late afternoon the skies cleared and the rain stopped.  So all good, we stayed under cover and enjoyed our picnic foods with friends in the Village Hall. After such a while it was very good to be with Wine Club members, chatting about all sorts with the common interest being wine.  Still keeping a distance and very little shaking of hands  or, heaven forbid, kisses. 

No wine tasting as such, but lots of bubbles to taste, Prosecco in good quntitity, An organic Prosecco was the main wine.  Very good too.  

All of the wines came from that famous wine cellar in Oxford, Aldi, sadly the Jura Cremant is currently unavailable but when there is a star buy. 

Not everyone got to taste the red of the night, it was felt that red would not be wanted, how wrong can you be?  The Sangiovese was very popular. the Italian grape making the journey to Chili more than well and producing a fine red wine. (Aldi £6.49)

The Prosecco was  organic, dry and very well received as well.  (Aldi £7.49)

If the photographer failed to photograph you then he is sorry for that but if your picture is here he hopes you approve.