Saturday, 28 November 2015

Now The Fourth Time

Dear Reader, so many things come as surprises when really they shouldn't be so. With the Wine Club the surprise has been that we have just enjoyed our fourth end of year bash.  My, doesn't time fly? Yes, as members know, the last meeting of the year is the pot-luck supper and end of season wind down.

As is often said, '...and how was it for you?..." well for this Blogger it was very good.   In the company of good friends, having to endure a Champagne tasting while selecting from a choice of great foods. Oh and did I say taking part in good but not too competitive quizes all based upon wine?

So yes, a great night was had by all.

We started with a glass or two of welcoming Champagne and here the mysteries of the evening began. I should explain. We thought that it would be good to have a tasting but not as we normally do it with our eye on the measure and the taking suitable of notes etc. On the occasion we would simply have a selection of the best that Epernay has to offer and come to conclusion as what was the better wine, the most enjoyable wine.

More of this anon.

First a very big thank you goes to all of the members who arrived on possibly the worst night of the year clutching a great variety of very good food.  Many thanks.

Then what of the Champagnes?

As you may know reader, this time of the year is the time of the great wine discount, and particularly, the great Champagne discount. The market is awash with Champagne and there are some great offers out there but are the Champagnes as great?  So for this evening  purchases were made of four Champagnes, ranging in price from £48.00 to £10.99.  All but the Aldi wine were discounted.

They came from, Aldi at £10.99,  Sainsbury at £17.00, M&S at £32.00  and Majestic at £48.00.

Here they are:

Aldi @ £10.99

Sainsbury @ £17.00

M&S @ £32.00

Majestic Wine Warehouse @£48.00

All the bottles were concealed and we tasted while eating for the most part, during the evening everyone was asked for their choice as favourite.  So Dear Reader what do you think we would find? Intriguing no?

The most popular and by a hair's breadth was the M&S wine.

No2 was the Aldi and the least expensive.

No3 was the Pol Roger, and the most expensive.

No4 was the Sainsbury Blanc de Noirs. Mid way on price.

I know, a most un scientific test but one cannot help but say, a very interesting result. 

What else did we do on this night?  We had quizes on the subject of wine and winemaking.  our thanks go to Martin Marais, he did great job, we all enjoyed failing to answer many questions and not being aware that China has more vineyards than France. 

Also a big thanks for those that snapped up spare bottles at our auction with the monies from the sales going to the charities working in Syria. 

A brief look to the diary for next year, here are the dates:  

More details on the programme to follow when confirmed.

January 29th.  The Best of Bordeux Wines

March 18th

May 27th

22nd July

30th September

25th November

And now some snaps:

To all our readers, have great a Christmas and a sparkling and wonderful New Year, and good imbibing folks!


  1. Looks like a splendid evening which I am sad to have missed


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  3. A lovely fun evening. Thanks to all who planned and executed it. Carol

  4. A lovely fun evening. Thanks to all who planned and executed it. Carol

    1. Many thanks Carol, all down to the great members attending.

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  6. Sorry that Jayne and I couldn't make such a fun occasion.
    Congratulations on the blog as well - the photos are superb.
    Dan J