Saturday, 1 October 2016

Germany has no Reds

Just one of the many misconceptions dispelled last night at the Wine Club was that Germany does not make red wine in quantity and quality.

Let me explain, at our meeting of the Wine Club for September, we were very fortunate in having a presentation by two members who know Germany and know German wines well.  Renata and John have strong connections to the vineyards of Northern Germany stretching back over many years.

We enjoyed the wines from one vineyard, the vineyard of Burggarten in the Ahr region of Germany.

How last night was special though was that, in addition to some cracking wines, we were treated to a tour of the area by description and photographs.   Within the Club we are very lucky in having members that have intimate knowlege of wine areas, great knowlege of the wines and a passion for both, John and Renata were able to share both last night.

In the past we have had meeting where German wines have been discussed, the issue is for those from the UK  getting hands on German wine, the fact is that only small amounts are shipped to the here. Partly because most German wines are drunk at home and partly because German wines have a reputation that stretches back to the days of the dreaded warm, overly sweet "Blue Nun' wine that many people now associate with German wine.  Our speakers bought the wines we drank last night back via motor car.

In fact the wines of Germany are both varies in type and of high quality and, yes comes in other colours than red!

The first three wines were white.

Of these the first was also the most popular wine of the evening

The Weissburgunder was a very fine wine indeed. Not dry, not sweet, great overtones of fruit. Perfect for drinking with friends in the summer or any season.

The Grauburgunder was good but was overshadowed by its illustrious proceeding wine. 

The final white was a classic Mosel Riesling, and what a cracker that wine was. A textbook taste, if one can have that with the Riesling grape. Spot on as they say

The raffle winners were lucky enough to have wines that we have seen before, wines that were part of the presentation of Wine Labels

The reds were all based on the Pinot grape but not all Pinot Noir, only the last wine, and to many the best Red of the night.

The burning question of the night is "Where can I buy these very good wines, and the very good answer is that you must drive to the Ahr region of Germany and visit the vineyards.  You would be sure of a great welcome and enjoy a very good weekend in the area. John was telling us that it takes just nine hours (door to door) to get to the area. Although he didn't mention it I'm suspecting that english is available widely.


Date to the next meeting, November 25th.  Our 'social evening and 'pot luck' supper.