Saturday, 27 May 2017

And the girls have it!

The meetings of the Wine Club, always a joy, always good and always with wines that can excite, please and offer new tastes to members.

For this meeting a great deal of research was needed, how to find suitable wines to taste that both are good wines but also ones with good labels.

Our hosts for the evening are three members, all with, as it turned out, with impeccable taste, both for the wines in the bottle and the labels on the bottle.

A very big thanks you for all your hard work and diligence, a great selection and great labels as well.

I happen to know that 30 plus wines needed to be tasted to come up with the seven shared with members at the evening's meeting.

A stickie, Spanish, Australian and South African wines all represented.

The experts:

What were these wines?

#1  A Gavi - Piedmont.

Ripe peaches and summer fruits a plenty and this kind and generous wine. The grape, Cortese, able to combine acidity to give freshness while still carrying the fruit tones.  A lovely Italian wine and perfect for the hot summers evening, in fact just like the one we enjoyed.

£10.99 at Majestic Wine Warehouse

#2  Fruit Orchestra.  

This wine is a fruity, highly drinkable blend of two wines normally associated with France rather the South Africa, Chenin Blanc and Voignier.

The Chenin comes from SA which is now the country that produces more of this wine then any other country in the world. This a grape that can be tart like a Granny Smith to fruity like peaches and and melons. 

Combined with Voigner the blend produces a soft, fruity and delicate wine, ideal as an apero but also good with light pasta dishes.

The wine chosen by our own peripatetic musician and conductor, the label was a perfect fit.

#3 LA LA Land

Heres a wine chosen for the label, but, surprisingly a design that pre dates the blockbuster movie. 

A wine made with the  "Rioja ' grape, Temprinilla, but this one form Australia. The gave a softer wine but with the complexity  to the European wine the Brits love so much, so interesting. Also a good wine to drink with highly flavored dishes.

£7.99 at Majestic Wines 

#4 Matsu Wines

Here we have the label with eye candy, well certainly for the ladies.  the grapes that go into making this wine are old, up to 100 years old and the various labels in the range reflect this age, this wine is the younger grapes just 90 years old and so a youngish man shown on the label.  The contents, well here was a, what shall we say, robust wine, on our table loved by some and spat out by others, so if you like your wines robust this is one for you.

#5  Passione e Sentmento

This  a wonderful Italian Red wine, with a great label of course. The label being an image taken from the wall in Verona were, it is said, Shakespeare's  Romeo and Juliet was set. Everyday people from the world over leave love letters, thousands of them so the wine has a job to do here and match up to that sentiment.  

For many this was the best wine of the evening, for those searching for the soft but complex Italian wine then the search is over, just wonderful.

Majestic sell this wine @ £8.99 per bottle.

#6  The Rosé

What can one say about Rosé wines, for many 'not proper' wines for the Brits, just brilliant to have in the Summer, and not just Brits, all over the world Rosé is very popular, well popular that may be but finding a good one is not that easy. so this little cracker from California came as  a surprise and good surprise, first the taste, really good and the price, really good!  Available at the Sainsbury at  £5.25 per bottle just now.   Great with strawberries.

#7 The Desert Wine

Another wine type that people love or hate with little middle ground. This was a lovely, not too sweet, sweetie.

From Spain and the Torres family, tastes of Orange blossoms, Turkish delight and cloves.

To be served at 8 degrees and, as in our tasting, a chocolate Orange!

£7.99 at Waitrose.


A possible visit to the Champagne area of France, the idea was suggested that we aim to take a weekend in the Riems area  and visit the area famous for fine Champagne.  More details to follow but the response was positive.

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