Saturday, 4 October 2014

Just in time Wine Club

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Last night was a great night for the Wine Club.

Great because we were treated to a trip to Spain by Bob and Wendy who were themselves just back from the country.  In fact, when I say just back I mean just that.  After buying the wines, and lots of it as well as the Tapas, again lots of it, Bob and Wendy rocked up to the Village Hall at some time after seven. This is after driving the length of Spain and then up from Portsmouth. All one can say is 'good for them'.

In fact that was not a problem although it has to be said it did cause just a smidgen of concern from the organisers.   Not least of all as we expecting a big turnout of over 50 people.

As members will know, the majority of presentations are made by the members who step up and volunteer to talk about wines that the know and generally love.   This was the case last night, but more so.

Bob and Wendy did  a great job sharing with us the wines, of this more in a mo, but also the foods, the history and the culture of 'their' part of Andalusia.

The area of Spain which produces the wines we tasted is in the deep South of the country and is almost unique in being at a high altitude, in fact the town itself is at the height of Scafell Pike, the tallest English mountain. The vineyards rising up to 2,000 meters in height.  It is home to the most southerly ski slopes in Europe.

Over the evening we tasted just one white wine, a very drinkable one too, wonderfully named Romance. A rounded and easy drinking wine, and, like its siblings tasted at the meeting, a wine that had (just) travelled and travelled well. 

On through tastings to a variety of red, Syrah, Tempranillo, and a very fine Cabernet Sauvignon/Tempranillo blend.  The meeting concluded with a sweetish rosé.

All of the wines were accompanied by some great cheeses, and chritzo, to make some fine tapas to have alongside our wines. For this we must thank Wendy, Marj and Mary, all clearly Tapas experts.

The raffle, with once again a startling good prize, in this case two of Spain's finest Rioja, was won by John and Renata.

Wendy told the meeting of a flat that is available to rent next the house they own in the area. 

The link to the website which gives more info on the accommodation and area is here, , Wendy's email is


The date of the next meeting, and please do put this in the diary, is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28TH.
This is the mainly social evening but with good food by courtesy of a 'pot luck' supper.

We ask those coming to bring a plate of finger food of their own choice.  In the past we have always had the most gorgeous foods.  This will be accompanied by a selection of fine wines.   

Bruce Hammersley

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