Thursday, 30 November 2017

If it's November it must be Christmas!

My oh my, how does the time fly, it seems a trice since last time these words hit the Blog, yes it  has been the November meeting of the Wine Cub and that also means that Christmas is just about upon us, at least that is how it feels.

This year we had the great foods, all brought by the wonderful members, so a big thank you for all the goodies, all were good, we all enjoyed the ultimate pot luck supper, not so much pot luck more a very lucky dip.

We all enjoyed the foods but we also enjoyed the competition, and this was no mean feat by Chris, a competion that was both a challenge for the individual but also gave rise to the winning table of competitors.

No less than 12 wines needed to be identified from a list provided, but this list contained many more than than just the wines of offer. No easy task but never the less one that the membership approached with enthusiasm.

What were the wines?

Here they are in all their glory.

And a very big that you to Chris for working very hard to come up with the concept and then all the wines and tasting notes...The wines:



and the stickies:

The date of the next meeting is to be JANUARY 26th,  guest speaker, Toby Childs

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