Saturday, 27 January 2018

January, Italian wines, Toby Chiles, Seven Years

Christmas us now well and truly behind us, January is here and with it this year  some miserable weather.  It is said that mid-January is the worst time of the year for many, it's back to work, it's the Visa statement dropping with thud on the mat, it's dull days and grey skies.  So all the more pleasing to have a thriving Wine Club that have great speakers and lovely wine to look forward to.  Yes it's that time again -  the first meeting of The Wine Club.  This being the 7th year of the Wine Club operating. by now we are a cohesive group, we enjoy wines of course but we also enjoy each other's company, so no talk of credit cards or bad weather.

At the first meeting of 2018 we were all happy to hear, again, another impressive and thoughtful presentation from Toby Chiles.  Wine expert for sure, but also one with the ability to communicate to all, no matter how sophisticated or otherwise their knowledge of wines may be.

For this January meeting the subject was of Italian wines, both the 'old school' but also of the new kids on the block from the Italian wine industry.

We all love Italy, its food is just about the most popular of food types, we have taken to heart dishes like Mac-Cheese and Spag Bol although the Italians don't have either dish in the national repertoire.

All of our wines, and we had a dozen tastings, were well received, inevitably some preferred ones over others, but very little, noises of disapproval.  Just a maybe, not too sure, for the cocktail starter, a Spritz Apero, this is the mixer drink, Apero, that has rocketed in sales over the last two years and loved by many, but also still unknown by many, so maybe the mix of a sweet/bitter plus orange drink mixed with Prosecco was not to everyones immediate liking.  Not of the writer of this Blog though, a drink that will always remind me of the bars of Italy and the pleasures of sharing food and wine with friends after a quick Apero.

Toby, if you get to read this consider yourself booked for next January. The 25th please!

The wines were a mix of old and new, many available via Toby and his company, if you want to buy any of 'his' wines drop me and email and I will sort.

Toby, accompanied the wines with Italian staples, Parmesan, Olives and cured sausage.

I managed to get a few shots of members relaxing....

Sadly I seemed to have fallen into the trap of only photographing men, fear not ladies next month I will address the gender bias!

The coming season was announced, lots of good talks coming our way with the next being on April 6, David Lloyd will present on East European wines, more detail to follow on this.   Also more information will be with you shortly about the proposed visit to France and the Champagne House. as well as a joint venture with our local WI.

2018 looks like being a great year for the Wine Club, keep an eye on your email with more info to follow.


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