Saturday, 23 November 2019

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November 22nd, and Christmas starts here. At the end of the Wine Club's Season we have what could call a social evening. A pot luck supper, quizzes, games and the odd  poem.  It also marks the first of the Christmas get togethers. Last night we enjoyed such an evening a large turn out for the Club and what did we enjoy on the wine front?

We had three wines.:

Al available locally and all well received.

The crement came from Aldi at a little over £8.00 a bottle. some say a complete snip. Light and just the right side of acid.  

With our foods, a choice of the above Viognier, a wine that I was advised tastes different from each region. Well this is produced in the very South of France, its so hot in that part of the world that the harvest, the vendage, is completed at night. A Waitrose wine at around £9.00 per bottle.

This accompanied by a great red, the soft and smooth but with a very good character - the Cairanne.

 Another Waitrose win at the £12.00 ish price.  Very well received indeed, and often on offer via the store.

My thanks go to the makers of really fine foods, a magnificent 'spread', both savoury and sweet. 

A huge thanks to all concerned.  

Now for the pictures:

A massive thank you to Martin, who would have thought you could have so much fun with Scrabble tiles?  A really good choice of games and quiz's and well managed by you as quiz master.

An almost spontaneous reading of a very good wine based poem.  Many thanks Hugh.

And then there were the members, sadly not everyone photographed but here a few:

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